VS-660 scale with cage
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VS-660 scale with type A cage
(cage bolts to the scale)
$725 for the VS-660 scale and the cage



VS-660 scale with type B cage
(cage goes around the scale
$735 for the VS-660 scale and the cage


$280 for the VS-660 scale only


Prices include shipping in the continental U.S.
bullet Choice of two cage styles.
bullet Cage Type A: The cage bolts onto the scale
bullet Cage Type B: The scale sits inside the cage
bullet 43" x 20" x 39" high (cage height)
bullet Scale Dimensions: 43" x 20"
bullet Overall outside Dimensions of cage type B: 35.5" at its widest point and 52.5" long
bullet Easy to read LCD display
bullet Weighs in both Lbs & Kgs
bullet Capacity 660 lb x 0.2 lb / 300 kg x 0.1
bullet Many Platform Sizes to choose from (see below)
bullet Battery and Electric operation
bullet Non-slip rubber mat included
bullet Display has quick disconnect for the cable
bullet Can be re-calibrated in the field at any time
bullet Scale weighs: 40 lbs. Cage weighs: 70 lbs.

Type A Cage 
bolts onto the scale so if the animals lean 
against the cage they will still be weighed accurately 
Scale with Cage: $725 free shipping



Cage Type A

Cage Type A


Type B
Cage goes around the scale
$735 free shipping



Photo of scale in cage Type B


Type B Cage: Built-in lip for scale feet to rest on

Type B Cage
Scale with cage: $735 free shipping


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