Axle Scale set up instructions
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Axle Scale Setup and Installation Instructions

 Inspect the shipping container for any signs of damage such as exterior dents and scratches. Scale should remain packed until you are ready to install it, or protecting it while being stored. Shipment will consist of the following: three pallets, one with two scale platforms 7 x 30, indicator mounting stand, and the other pallets will consist of 2 ramps each. One package shipped UPS ground that contains the indicator, misc. hardware (anchor bolts) qty 26   x 4 , qty 2 x 1 bolt for mounting indicator to stand.

 Tools needed. Forklift, hammer drill with bit,

 STEP 1: Find a scale location that is level and free of debris.  If debris is present, sweep area.

 STEP 2: Remove shipping bands and packing material. Remove indicator stand (yellow), and set aside. Locate UPS package and unpack material. Locate qty 8 leveling feet.

 STEP 3: Using a forklift pickup one platform off of pallet, insert leveling feet (found in UPS package) and screw into each corner. Make sure to place platforms where the stainless steel boxes on the sides face each other. Note: spread forks out wide enough to not damage stainless j-box on side of platform. Measure wheelbase of vehicle and space platforms apart the correct width. Once in place proceed to step 4.

 Step 4: Installing ramps: Place each ramp at ends of platforms. Lift scale up and slide ramp under end of scale. Make sure there is a gap between platform and ramp. Once ramps are installed. Proceed to step 5

 STEP 5: Wiring the scale: Locate stainless steel junction box on side of platform. Take the cable with connector and connect to indicator.

 STEP 6: Anchor scale. Locate 24 anchors and anchor ramps. Locate 4 anchors and anchor indicator stand. Once indicator stand is anchored place indicator on top of stand and fasten. Installation is now complete.


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